Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
Do you want to know about the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE? We describe it below.
Last year Samsung had surprised everyone with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (fans edition ), a mobile dedicated especially to fans of the brand, enclosing in it all the requests made by its followers for improvements in its characteristics.
They recently re-launched another model, the Galaxy S21 FE, similar to the previous one, but with a bittersweet taste for those who were waiting for its arrival on the market. The particularities of the Galaxy S21 FE have not aroused any illusions, on the contrary, they have triggered a controversy due to its high price, and the improvements have not turned out to be relevant to its buyers.
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE features 

The color that accompanies this device is olive green; To be noticed, an improvement was made in the cameras, which has been giving results to the user in the photographic practice. Whether the end result using the camera will be as good as advertised is not yet known. The elements that accompany the Galaxy S 21 have varied in quantity, since it only comes with a USB cable with Type-C ports at both ends, and a fir-tree-shaped spike. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Screen

By stripping it of its plastic coating, we can see that the front part is very simple without much to say, when turning it over, the finish of its back part is observed without much difference from the previous one, with the exception of a small wavy around the cameras, an element that differentiates it from previous models.

The frame has a metallic finish with a champagne green hue; In general terms, it is a very striking mobile. When you turn it on, you can see the design of the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, considerably increased in size, which provides the user with a rich visual experience, an improvement apparently made to please its audience in the enjoyment of a screen that allows a better image. when playing, watching series, etc.; the screen measures 6.4 inches diagonally, that is, 0.2 inches more than the S 21, but without managing to exceed the 6.7 inches of the S 21 Plus. 

As for the size of the screen, not only can it be enjoyed by its fans, but also by anyone who is looking for a mobile with these characteristics and wants to try having it.

The resolution is still 2400 x 1080 pixels and its technology is dynamic AMOLED 2X, so when taking it as a choice, the properties of the previous models are not lost, except the refresh rate that reaches 120 Hz, not having the minimum of 48 Hz as in the previous version, in the S21 FE goes from 60 Hz to 120 Hz.

Corning Gorilla Glass Victus follows as the one chosen for the protection of the screen for being resistant to water and dust with IP 68; in terms of resistance there is no difference either, which does not make the choice between the S21 and the S21 FE difficult.

Processor, RAM, autonomy and battery of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
Regarding the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor no distinction is observed between the S21 FE compared to the S21; on the other hand, with a capacity of RAM memory of 6 GB and 128 GB of storage respectively, the new edition offers three models so that the customer can select within of its type, the one that provides more RAM memory and has a greater storage capacity, adjusted to the price.

The increase in the screen helps a little in the autonomy of the Smartphone giving it more body and a considerable improvement to the battery of up to 4500 milliamps/hours of battery, this is an interesting aspect if you take into account that the battery in the S21 was already optimized, but in this new model the optimization is superior.

The battery supports 25W fast charging using cable, also 15W fast wireless charging.

Galaxy S21 FE Camera

In the camera section we can see that the main and ultra-wide cameras are the same as those of the S21 and both have 12 megapixel resolution; What makes it different from its previous version is the 8-megapixel telephoto lens, inferior to the S21, and at the same time enhanced by its 38-megapixel front camera, ideal for the quality of taking selfies, ready to flirt with it and take the shots. best photos.

Other properties of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
The unlock method via fingerprint is still below in the screen, but unlike the S 21 that has ultrasonic, in the S 21 FE it is optical, without forgetting that it is a mobile suitable for 5G connection. It can be purchased for 759.00 euros, with the S21 still competing for first place with a value of 649.00 euros, 110 less than the fans edition, and it is precisely the price, a factor for which there is disagreement in the market.

We describe every corner of this Samsung Galaxy S21 FE model, and although it still has elements that put it at a disadvantage compared to previous models, it has advantages, from its flat screen and battery life, to its front camera.

You can enjoy it with more RAM, more storage and amazing selfies. In order to achieve a higher sale of the Samsung Galaxy S 21 FE, the Samsung brand developed the strategy of offering a 15% discount and giving away audífonos Samsung Galaxy Buds.

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